Our Services

VarioSecure offers its services to any enterprise that relies upon or employs the Internet. Using custom-developed network security equipment and monitoring systems, we promote two key business areas: Managed Security Services: Complete solutions integrating security operations, monitoring, and support. Network Security Appliance Direct Sales: Providing equipment through which customers are able to manage security operations themselves.

Managed Security Service

The security service offered by VarioSecure is a comprehensive defense that ensures safe use of the Internet, and protects a company’s network environment from threats, e.g. an attack by a third party via the Internet, unauthorized access to an internal network, virus infection, or data piracy. With our own VSR-VarioSecure Router integrated security equipment and operation and maintenance system, we offer security services on a monthly basis that reduce the burden of client security operations and costs.

Integration Services

The VarioSecure Integration Service provides assistance to clients who require special types of support distinct from our Managed Security Service. This includes clients who prefer to handle aspects of their their information security themselves, through the purchase of VarioSecure security equipment, and clients seeking comprehensive design, procurement, installation, and configuration assistance covering the full range of modern network technology.