About VarioSecure

VarioSecure was formed in 2001 by engineers responsible for building and operating the Asia-Pacific Internet infrastructure. Our goal was address the key challenges faced by enterprises using the Internet for business, of which security has become the top priority.

In order to meet the needs of diverse clients, the company developed its own hardware and software solutions, allowing us to respond in real time to changing conditions, threats, and unique client requirements.

With over 7,300 systems deployed, including sites in every Japanese prefecture, as well as 24×7 monitoring/support and a team of engineers working constantly to expand service coverage, we manage the security needs of our clients, freeing them to focus on their core businesses.

Business Segments Managed Security Business
Security Equipment Sales Business
Capital 749M Yen as of May 2023
Representative Yasufumi Kajiura, CEO
Clients Over 7,300 security appliances in Japan

“To ensure that all enterprises using the Internet can easily and securely carry out their business, we will offer the very best services to Japan and to the world.”
As a result of discussions held over six-months by ten or more executive officers, we have redefined the company missions.
By fulfilling our missions, we will become a company that offers innovative and valuable services to a wide range of clients. We will also keep making steady efforts to ensure that every customer gains safety, security and invaluable time.