Keep in-house security costs to a minimum
Broad-based response to many kinds of company networks
Our security service ensures safe, secure, and convenient emails
Solve problems and improve efficiency in the network environment

Our Services

In-house security packages

Regardless of your company size, we can meet your demands and by using standardized Internet security measures, we keep operation workload and costs to the minimum.

When you use our services, you can forget about setup, operation and maintenance of security equipment; we offer a secure Internet environment on a 24-hour/365-day basis at a monthly fee.

Managed Security Services

Solutions to network security problems

By monitoring the operation of equipment connected between the Internet and company network, we offer a variety of functions and implement comprehensive security measures.

Not only the security equipment included in our services, but also the security, VPN, and redundant functions, which can be added according to the client environment, support both IPv4 and IPv6 as standard.

Email Security Services

For even stronger email security

Nowadays emails are an indispensable business communication tool, but they may come with a host of problems. Our one-stop service offers countermeasures against spam mails and viruses, and ensures convenient and safe sending of files by email, with no load on operation and settings.

DataProtect Services

Efficient application of data backup

We provide a service where environments for backing up internally important data can be implemented with minimal burden in preparation for the unlikely eventuality of data loss. With a hybrid local-and-cloud backup system, we deliver one-stop backup solutions that are effective as BCP countermeasures for corporations.