Managed Security Services

Simple solutions to company network, security, and redundancy problems

Our Managed Security Service offers functions to solve company security and network problems, and this comprehensive one-stop service – from security equipment, operation, maintenance, through to technical support – enables us to easily implement security measures in any enterprise.

Simple solutions to company network, security, and redundancy problems

Gateway security for any size of enterprise

By monitoring the operation of equipment connected between the Internet and company network, we offer a variety of functions and implement comprehensive security measures.


Comprehensive service supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 environments as standard

Not only the security equipment included in our services, but also the security, VPN, and redundant functions, which can be added according to the customer environment, support both IPv4 and IPv6 as standard.

Comprehensive service supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 environments as standard

Consistent service guaranteed by in-house developed equipment and a monitoring system

Advanced linkage of an automatic monitoring system with in-house developed security equipment fitted with numerous self-check functions, improves operation monitoring efficiency.


Functions Offered

Router (basic service) Operates as a router supporting OSPF and RIP.
Firewall As a firewall system, this function prevents security incidents, and controls sending/receiving packets to keep authorization of external and internal access to a bare minimum.
IDS/ADS IDS operates just before the firewall and conducts detailed analysis to detect unauthorized access.
ADS blocks all packets from any unauthorized access source detected by IDS and thus prevents access to your system.
Site-to-Site VPN Connection With a 128-bit solid encryption system, a virtual private network (VPN) is established on the Internet
Remote Access VPN User clients at remote locations are connected with sites through encrypted VPN communication.
L4 Load Balancer Monitors server ports and upon detecting a problem with a server, automatically separates the server from service.
L7 Load Balancer The application layer (Layer 7) is in great demand for EC sites, SNS, and the mobile site market; the L7 Load Balancer operates in this layer, and automatically distributes servers for each mobile phone communication service provider.
Multihoming Accommodates two lines; when one line has a problem it is cut off from the service, which ensures Internet access redundancy. When the line is restored, it restarts automatically, and normal configuration returns.
Hot standby When a problem occurs to the VSR, processing is automatically handed over to the backup machine to ensure even securer operation.
URL Filtering Restricts browsing of any sites not required for company business, or any sites with a risk of information leakage or infection to spyware.
Virus Protection Detects and removes any virus found in emails and websites by matching with the automatically updated virus database.
LAN Monitoring Service Carries out ping monitoring for the equipment under the VSR installed in the customer environment, and automatically notifies the administrator by email.
Managed Security Report Summarizes customer use status of security appliances, defense trends, and setting information into one monthly report.
Control Panel Displays system operation status and current setting information with near real-time statistical analysis of daily information required by administration staff; the results are shown in easy-to-understand formats, and the current security policy can also be browsed.