“To ensure that all enterprises using the Internet can easily and securely carry out their business, we will offer the very best services to Japan and to the world.”

As a result of discussions held over six-months by ten or more executive officers, we have redefined the company missions.
By fulfilling our missions, we will become a company that offers innovative and valuable services to a wide range of clients. We will also keep making steady efforts to ensure that every customer gains safety, security and invaluable “time.”

Toward fulfillment of the missions

VarioSecure would like our executive officers to thoroughly understand and implement the management concepts developed by our top management team, and ensure that these approaches are adopted by sharing and realizing the following three management styles.

Vario Management Style

■ Well-disciplined personnel

“When successful, enjoy the view from the window; when you fail, take a long hard look in the mirror.”

■ Well-disciplined thinking

Facing reality is the beginning of ensuring you win at the end.

■ Well-disciplined behavior

Manage systems, not people.

To share our vision, VarioSecure has four key direction points for employees.

Compass for VarioSecure employees

  1. Respond to clients creatively, be innovative.
  2. Always focus on what can be done, propose solutions.
  3. Know your purpose, know your means. Do not mix them.
  4. Trust in the “Genius of the AND.”


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