Message from the CEO

One of our major goals is to always hear “I am very pleased we chose VarioSecure; they’re real professionals.” When we serve our customers well, everything else will fall into place and fulfilling the following three statements will set us on the right path.
Security and networks are an essential part of the infrastructure of corporate activities, and to ensure our customers are able to safely and securely use them, we will continue offering our services, not restricted by product life.

We are proud to be a pioneer of managed security services, ranging from the planning and development of products and services through to their provision. We are dedicated to quickly and enthusiastically carrying out daily operations to always offer products and services that surprise and delight our customers.

By making full use of our years of experience in the service field and our unrivaled knowledge of security, we will steadily expand the scope of service provision to all of Japan and the world.

Yoshihiko Inami, CEO


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