Data Protect Service

Ideal backup environment with minimal burden

Our data protection service is a backup service charged on a monthly payment basis, using hardware with a proven record in VSR and Blueshift-developed software with a proven record in backup services.
We deliver hybrid backup environments with minimal burden, combining cloud technology with DtoD backup using special appliances.

Easy migration without need for radical changes to your existing backup environment

Our data protection service, which supports various types of backup software, can be introduced with minimal burden from migration even when adapting to the backup environments that our customers are currently using.

Various initiatives for storage of important customer data

In order to store our customers’ important information assets, we use special appliances in the local environment together with storage of compressed/encrypted data at data centers in two locations that comply with international standards.
Backup status can be confirmed and data can be restored, etc. with two control panels for local and center-based storage.